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Company logo and style design


A logo is an original graphic representation of a full or abbreviated company name.

A trademark is a company symbol. It all seems so easy at the first glance.
However, in practice it is more complicated. A logo (or a 'logo + trademark' combination) is a graphic representation of the essence of your company. It is a visual signature that must draw one's attention and remain in the memory. A person may forget an address of phone number; yet, a professional logo cannot be mistaken for something else.
Logo design is a fresh start for the general company style.

A company style is one of the major components in the marketing tools of any company. Agreement in the style of all graphic objects and font solutions provides for the visual unity of all the company-related objects: products, package, production and sales facilities, equipment, documents, ads, clothes, etc. The right company style makes it recognizable among other competitors.

These are the chief elements of a company style:

  • A company trademark;
  • A logo;
  • A color palette;
  • A set of fonts;
  • Business cards;
  • Company headed sheets;
  • Company envelopes;
  • Company folders.
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