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Hosting is allocation of Internet website resources for a given Internet homepage or physical placement of servers.
Ladiza Studio will post your websites to our server with all the services necessary for this operation. The experts of our parent company Latvijas tīkli, which has been successfully providing similar services in the Baltic market for 5 years, will undertake the responsibility for your website and its stable accessibility.

Website deployment
If your website does not require a dedicated server, and it contains usual homepages and scripts, the service is intended just for you. Using our standard hosting service you will be able to familiarize the huge Internet audience with information about you or your company.

Computer center
If your Internet project needs a dedicated server, Latvijas tīkli will offer you a range of services for deployment of physical servers on the net. Once you deploy your server, you will not depend on hardware or software offered by a virtual hosting provider. You will be able to install any configuration server. In particular, the server disk space will be unlimited. Data security on a dedicated server is much higher using a dedicated server rather than a virtual one.

Domain registration
A domain is a website address.
For your convenience, our company renders this particular service called domin registration.

A domain can have the following endings: .lv, .com or .net.
.LV - a zone for domains in the Republic of Latvia. The zone is most popular with Latvian websites.
.COM - a traditional zone for commercial organizations.
.NET - a traditional zone for Internet-related resources as well as organizations, whose field of activity is directly related to the net.

Requirements for domain registration
A domain name can contain from 2 to 57 symbols. Only the Latin letters, digits and hyphenation are allowed.
Domain names may not end in the hyphen or contain two consecutive hyphens.

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